torque wrench that goes to 450 ft lbs

450 lbs. torque with 1/2 in t. wrench - iRV2 Forums- torque wrench that goes to 450 ft lbs ,26/11/2005· heres how to get 450 lbs. of torque with a 1/2 in. torque wrench. you need a 3/4 " breaker bar and socket to fit lug nuts. then take a 3' piece of pipe that will slide over the 3/4" breaker bar. weld a 1/2" heavy impact socket on the end of the piece of pipe, be sureWheel lug nut torque Specs? - iRV2 Forums31/1/2013· I use a 1/2" drive long handle torque wrench that goes to maybe 250 ft lbs, on a Snap-On 4x torque multiplier that has 3.33 net multiplication. For 475ft-lbs I set torque wrench to 142# (spec on my 22.5 rims was stated 450-500, so I shoot for the middle).

How to torque a bolt to 450 ft lbs.

How to torque a bolt to 450 ft lbs 19.12.2020 Comments Our impact wrench test program is designed to provide a consistent reference standard to compare tool performance over time.

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Torque Wrenches | McMaster-Carr

Square Drive Torque-Measuring Screwdrivers. Attach a socket to the 1/4" square drive tip. These tools have a dial that shows how torque measurements change as you turn the driver. Use to fasten to a specific torque, determine fastener torque specifications, and identify the torque required to loosen tightened fasteners.

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ft.-lbs. Torque Wrenches | McMaster-Carr

Choose from our selection of ft.-lbs. torque wrenches, including over 130 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship. Calibration Certificate with Test Data Traceable to NIST Calibration Certificate with Test Data Traceable to NIST

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Amazon: torque wrench 450 ft lbs

30/12/2017· 450 ft-lbs. torque wrench. I purchased an e2 round bar style WD hitch. I was about to set it up and found out that I need to buy a special thin-wall, short 1-7/8" socket that will fit into the cramped space the nut will be located to torque down the hitch ball. Aaand- the special socket is, get this, $65! Plus, since I own only a 250-ft lbs torque ...

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Amazon: 400 ft lb torque wrench

Summit Tools 3/8 inch Digital Torque Wrench, 2.21-44.24 ft-lbs Torque Range, Compact Size, Socket Set, Measure Peak Torque, Calibrated (DPS3-060CN-S) 4.1 out of 5 stars 80 $133.96 $ 133 . 96

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225-250 ft/lbs of Torque [Archive] - Factory Five Forums

1/9/2012· Any ideas on where to find a torque wrench that will measure 250 ft/lbs. And when I say "find" I mean to rent/borrow. I'm not interested in finding out how much something like that would cost. Yes I need to torque the hub nuts, and my torque wrench only goes to

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